Výzkumné centrum pro strojírenskou techniku a technologii


Czech Technical University in Prague | Faculty of Mechanical Engineering | Research Center of Manufacturing Technology | RCMT

The Research Center of Manufacturing Technology was established in 2000 as an institute of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the Czech Technical University in Prague (CTU). The RCMT is a highly professional and well equipped educational and training facility and a research base for the Czech machine tool industry. The main activity of RCMT is technical support of the industry.
The RCMT team comprises 70 professionals specializing in design, engineering analyses and research. Every day, the members of the team encounter and solve a variety of engineering problems in an intensive cooperation with machine tool producers all over the Czech Republic. RCMT represents the Czech Republic in technical fields in CECIMO.

Technical University Vienna | Institute for Production Engineering and Laser Technology | IFT

Institute for Production Engineering and Laser Technology covers a wide field of manufacturing technology and machine tool research. The IFT is the most important institution in process development and machine tool research in Austria. Knowledge and technology transfer is made possible by close cooperation with the Austrian industry. Research results are immediately used in the learning process, to reach the highest level of technical education.

Czech Machine Tool Society | CMTS

The Czech Machine Tool Society is an association of companies and specialists in the field of machine tools. The Society supports research, development, production and application of machine tools in the Czech Republic by organizing scientific conferences, lectures, workshops and specialized tours. The Society helps create links between the industry and technical universities, supports scientific and technical publication activities and makes prognoses and concept studies.

Main Media Partner

MM Science Journal

Currently, MM Science is leading scientific journal in the central Europe. The main focus of this journal is engineering design theory, methodology and creativity, innovations in engineering design of production machines, esp. machine tools, including their parts and mechanisms. The paper fulltexts are available on-line on website of the journal. Paper abstracts are distributed in printed version as a scientific supplement of Modern Machinery (MM) journal.

Media Partners

Manufacturing Technology

The Manufacturing Technology is a periodical scientific journal published in the Czech Republic. The journal focuses on these topics: Advanced Technology (Precision Machining, Hard Machining, High Speed Machining, MicroMilling), Material Engineering, Surface Quality, Non-destructive Materials Testing, Casting, Forming, Metallography. All articles are peer-reviewed by 2 reviewers. The journal is published twice per year and disseminated to top universities and colleges in Europe and USA.

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