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Makeathon – Automatica 2018

Makeathon – „making things together“ – Is the competition designed for young people who could try development and programming automation technology at the Automatica 2018 trade fair. The competition was attended by students of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at CTU. The purpose of the Makeathon is:

  • Learning new things, which means creating, inventing and looking for a way.
  • Establish contacts, create a team, be inspired by experienced mentors.
  • Have fun and meet new people.

Directly at the Exhibition ground, the teams received tasks. Team members have tried to solve the problem within 24 hours and make the physical solution using robotization, automation and the Internet of Things. The Workshop connect engineers, designers, developers and producers to collaborate on the topic and create a prototype through creative and innovative way.

Students participation at the fair was possible thanks to NUCLEI project, which aims strengthen cooperation in R&D in the Central European region between partners of various kinds. The cooperation in R&D is usually between regional partners in a typical arrangement. When one company cooperates with one university or other research organization on a particular project or topic.

NUCLEI project partners see the potential for more intense innovation in these two areas:

  • extension of the cooperation scheme for cross-border cooperation within Central Europe (e.g. the German company solves the R&D project with the Czech research organization or conversely);
  • expanding the interest to cooperate directly between commercial companies on joint R&D projects and applying the idea of the Open Innovations concept.
The AUTOMATICA fair, which took place on 19-22 June 2018, is the world's largest exhibition for automation and robotics. Almost 850 exhibitors from 30 countries present their products at the exhibition area of 66 000 m2. The fair presents the theme of robotics and automatic production especially in the fields of electrotechnics, metal processing, automotive, plastics, packaging, food industry and pharmaceuticals.  This event is the world's most significant in the field of industrial and service robotics and is focused on optimizing and increasing the productivity of various industries.

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